Blink Blinds + Glass by ODL

Meet Blink, a contemporary and streamlined alternative to traditional blinds. Blink is the new standard in home light control, offering blinds-between-glass for windows and doors.

About Blink

Easy For Everyone

Blink, by ODL, is making life easier for everyone from the manufacturers that can see their order filled within as few as 8 days*, to the homeowners that can forget about the hassle of traditional blinds.

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At ODL, we listen to the community of manufacturers, builders, and homeowners, responding with products that move the industry forward and improve our homes. Our focus on quality, design, and reliability are the cornerstones of our business. For more than 70 years, ODL has been manufacturing insulated glass panels for door manufacturers, including 20 years of innovative technologies and solutions featuring blinds-between-glass. We are proud to introduce our most recent innovation: Blink Blinds + Glass, now for windows. The new Blink Blinds + Glass provides manufacturers, builders, and homeowners a choice of 6 different colors, a lead time as few as 8 days*, glass options, and custom sizes that provide a simple, safe, long-lasting, and streamlined IG panel.

10 year full warranty and delivery in as few as 8 days*

Why Blink?

Custom sizes

Glass options

6 colors

8 day* Delivery

Great origins


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