A Modern Alternative to Traditional Blinds

Blink® Blinds + Glass is an insulated glass (IG) panel for windows and doors that features blinds between the glass. Blink provides a modern alternative to traditional corded or cordless door and window blinds.

Blink Blinds + Glass

Blink® IG Panel + Frame = Finished Window

Blink® Compatible Styles

Blink built-in blinds incorporate traditional window blinds between an insulated panel, making them easy to use, convenient, and safe. Blink products are ideal for a variety of window styles as well as sliding patio doors, French doors, and other exterior glass doors.

Blink Blinds + Glass - blinds for living room

Blink® by ODL

Building upon our 70-year history of developing IG panels for doors, ODL continues to innovate in the blinds-between-glass category, where we have been the industry leader for over 20 years.

Learn More About ODL & Blink

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Our most recent product innovation, Blink Blinds + Glass, allows for custom sizes and colors in as few as 8 days—with the quality, reliability and warranty you've come to expect from ODL.

How Blink Blinds Work

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